Hygiene Services

Gum disease is the main culprit behind tooth loss in adults. In fact, 19 out of 20 people suffer from gum disease at one or another point in their lives. Visiting a dental hygienist regularly is important to help maintain good oral health and anticipate problems before they cause trouble.

Dental hygienists at Jones Dental Care will professionally clean your teeth (scale and polish) and offer a programme of oral care that’s appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

Why Do You Need Hygiene Services?

Visit Jones Dental Care today if:

You have tooth stains

You suffer from gum diseases

Need help with maintaining dental hygiene

Need advice on maintaining healthy gums and teeth

Our Hygiene Services

We provide a wide range of oral hygiene services including:

Teeth cleaning and polishing

Administering fluoride

Teeth stain removal

Preventive advice about taking care of your teeth and gums

Dental care sessions for kids

Advice about choosing oral hygiene products

Advice about giving up smoking

Advice about nutrition and health

Applying fissure sealant

Oral Health Education

At Jones Dental Care, we absolutely believe in the old adage, “prevention is better than cure.” We are always happy to offer advice about oral hygiene. We can demonstrate brushing techniques and provide tips on cleaning and flossing teeth.

Benefits of Visiting a Hygienist at Jones Dental Care

Clean and healthy teeth

Treat gum disease

Prevent gum disease

Reduce bleeding

Prevent tooth loss

Brighter teeth

Contact Jones Dental Care to set up an appointment with a dental hygienist in Warrington. Alternatively, call 01925 602405 to request an appointment.