Oral Surgery

At Jones Dental Care, we specialise in oral surgery procedures in Warrington. We take care of our patients with utmost care and attention to detail. We rely on evidence based surgical techniques that comply with the latest national guidelines.

Specialist Treatment

Tim Jones is a registered specialist in oral surgery. Other dentists and doctors in Warrington often send their patients to our practice for specialist treatment.

Oral Surgery Procedures

We specialise in a wide range of surgical procedures. We offer the following oral surgery procedures:

Implant related surgery

Soft tissue surgery for removing lumps and swellings

Removing fractured teeth and retained roots

Root canal treatments

Extracting affected teeth before orthodontic treatments

Removing third molars (also known as wisdom teeth)

Removing cystic lesions

Repairing oro-antral communications

Our Approach

We are happy to discuss concerns/requirements with our patients and referring practitioners.

We understand the fact that patients may be anxious and worried about the prospect of oral surgery. We will take care of your concerns and provide effective treatment by instilling confidence in you in oral surgery procedures.

We have successfully treated several patients who came to us with apprehension about oral surgery.

Emergency Care

The team at Jones Dental Care understands the need for consulting a dentist immediately in emergency situations. We have provisions in place to see patients at short notice, especially in emergency situations.

Contact Jones Dental Care for specialist oral surgery procedures in Warrington. Click here or call 01925 602405 to request an appointment.